Summer Camp Is Not Ideal For All Kids

Summer vacation is the worst time of  the year. First of all you isn’t a real here and secondly summer vacation is a blight on our educational system.  You have to learn that summer break is terrible for kids: Are you going to convince me about summer vacation is not good and two my vacation. You’re a kid learning is your entire job.

So why your school stop learning for three whole months. Some dad tells their kid the reason there is summer vacation some kids going to farm this summer. Well this is just a bunch of crap. The agrarian calendar explanation is a total myth the real reason schools close in the summer is because of the heat. A hundred years ago we didn’t have air conditioning. During the summer classrooms will become so unbearably hot that rich people pull their kids out of school for months taking them to the countryside.  Only reason we go quickly summer vacation because we’re crazy. Summer vacation is actually making you dumber.  Kids lose an average of one month of instruction every summer educators call it the Summer Slide. It’s easy to forget what you learned when you spend three whole months doing nothing but watching TV.

Sweet summer camp is great but it’s also too expensive for many families.  Summer break is especially hard on the poorest kids because school provides them with lunches they can get at home however many kids have trouble accessing summer lunch programs how many you ask. Six out seven kids are not able to access summer lunch programs.



Tony Brown he runs part of L. A and after school he have a small program here in Los Angeles. It’s true some of the real problem for the kids I work with. Summer slide is so bad for the low-income kids that we work with every day. Our kids living really unsafe neighborhoods so will be seeing inside  then in front of the television all summer long. We provide free summer programs and academics arts and athletics so the kids can be safe on the streets away from gangs. We’re doing all we can but unfortunately there are still millions:of kids who have nowhere to go during the summer. Speaking of which we’ve got to get back to work.

In other countries like Japan and England students get multiple short breaks throughout the year but in our system we just wash our hands of the:neediest kids for three whole months and that means summer vacation hurts kids just like you.

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