Scariest Video Games Of All Time



Resident Evil
It’s worth remembering, the original model for many of today’s first person shooter apocalyptic horror games, Capcom’s iconic Resident Evil which has now spawned over  games and fix big screen adaptations. The 1996 game that started at all, instilled a feeling of dread within gamers that everything was out to get them. Forget the brain hungry zombies, you could find yourself potentially under attack from a bloodthirsty flock of crows or a group of wild Dobermans, made all the more scary by the players limitations.



Sweden’s frictional games has developed a reputation for producing a slew of thoughtful avant-garde survival horror games that distinguish themselves from the pack and last year soma is no exception. The game has you’re navigating through a creepy abandoned underwater research facility, encountering different machines that slowly begin to take on human characteristics.



Five Nights at Freddy’s
You’ll never think of chucky cheese the same way again after playing this 2015 indie hit. A few game promises are as creepy as the thought of being on nightwatch at a pizzeria when the animatronic creatures that were so fun and lovable during the day, begin to malfunction and come to life after dark. As night guard Mike Schmidt, is up to you to survive the presence of, among others, a once-cute singing teddy bear and guitar playing bunny, for five harrowing nights, or levels of increased difficulty.



Slender: The Eight Pages
It was only a matter of time before the horrifying internet driven legend of the faceless child deducting slender man would find its way into gaming culture. Sure enough, in 2012,  Parsec productions released their survival horror game, Slender: The Eight Pages. As the player tries to collect the titular eight pages, they feel the ominous presence of the Slender man growing closer. The dark foggy setting reduces visibility while the slender man’s ability to teleport ensures that you never feel entirely free from his grasp.




Until Dawn
Fear exists in the eye of the beholder. And super massive games 2015 release of Until Dawn certainly toys with this concept. This game is uniquely tailored to your own fears beginning with a series of questions about your specific horror preferences that influence the games evolution and the type of threats you encounter along the way. So Until Dawn can strike a deeply personal chord. These customizable choices continue throughout the game, helping players orchestrate their own terror.



Much of FEAR which stands for First Encounter Assault Recon, carries the feel of your typical first person shooter. The gamer plays a Special Ops soldier bearing massive assault rifles ready to take out anyone or anything in his path. That is, before he meets Alma Wade. One of the creepiest characters in modern gaming, Alma is a ghoulish demonic little girl who renders the soldiers artillery useless amidst her cell and spine-tingling presence.



Manhunt derives fear from humanity’s innate thirst for violence. As death row inmate James Earl Cash, the gamer plays a character that has been kidnapped by a snuff film creator and forced to fight a series of gang members increasingly gruesome sadistic fashion. The game was banned in several countries due to its graphic violence.


There are a few environments more guaranteed to scare than a remotely located insane asylum which just happens to be the setting a first person survival horror game, Outlast. Even worse than a spooky surroundings is the utter powerlessness of playing a journalist armed with just a camcorder and notebook, who can’t fight back against an army of crazed inmates who have been subjected to disturbing experiments.




Alien Isolation
The gameplay of Alien Isolation reaches a new level of visceral realism bringing authenticity to both the loneliness and anxious hopes of survival experience by Amanda Ripley, the daughter of original alien protagonist Ellen Ripley. As Amanda, you are pursued an uncharted space by single alien creature that can track you by sight and sound and cannot be killed. You can use a flashlight or motion tracker but both tools leave you vulnerable to being found by the alien.





Silent Hill 2
In this game, protagonist James Sunderland ventures into the creepy town of Silent Hill, upon finding a mysterious letter from his dead wife. From there, he needs a collection of characters with suspicious motives including a woman named Maria who looks identical to his deceased wife. There is an air of discomforting uncertainty that looms over the game leaving James unsure of what to believe and who to trust. If that isn’t enough there is a sudden and daunting appearance of the villainous pyramid head and some truly spooky twists and turns along the way.

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