Famous Celebrities With Awful Personal Hygiene

When you’re rich and famous, you have unlimited resources for staying fresh and clean. However, the celebrities on this list to do the exact opposite. Here are famous people with a dirtiest habits.



Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is one of the loveliest actresses in Hollywood who appears to bathe on a regular basis. However, the problem isn’t how often she washes her body but instead the problem lies in her breath. Numerous Hollywood actors like Jason Bateman and Alec Baldwin have come forward and said that Aniston has awful breath that smells like old coffee, which indicates that she doesn’t brush her teeth as often as she should.




Leonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo Dicaprio looks like he should be smelling like the most expensive Cologne in the world. But in reality, he doesn’t smell that great according to ex girlfriend Erin Heatherton. Because Leo is so dedicated to his cause of living green and preserving the environment natural resources, he only bathe twice a week in an effort to conserve water and he doesn’t wear any sort of deodorant or antiperspirant. Leo also recycles on the regular basis but he often misses pickup days, which results in his place smelling like rotten garbage.




Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts is America’s sweetheart and have had one of the most successful careers in Hollywood. She is also known for her activism and using her fame and fortune to fight against the wrongs in this world, which is pretty admirable. However, according to a former bodyguard, in her venture to stay green and save water, Roberts doesn’t shower all that often. Roberts has also stated that she doesn’t use deodorant, nor did she shave. This has apparently resulted in her smelling like a hippie according to the bodyguard.
Zac Efron
Word on the streets say that Zac Efron absolutely loads bathing and opted to use baby wipes instead. But given the fact that Zac is one of the most active celebrities in the industry from working out to playing basketball, it’s guaranteed that he does his fair share of sweating. Frankly baby wipes don’t do the work that plain old soap and water can achieve.




Britney Spears
If Britney Spears’s hygiene was in question during her mental breakdown, that would have been understandable. But the pop singer is reported to have some pretty nasty habits that were revealed in a lawsuit by former bodyguard, Fernando Flores for sexual harassment. In a suit, Flores claimed that Spears would pick her nose, fart in front of people, didn’t brush her teeth or hair, didn’t shower for long periods of time, and didn’t wear deodorant. Spears ended up settling on the lawsuit, which makes us wonder how much of the hygiene claims were true.





Robert Pattinson
There is no rumor or question that Robert Pattinson has terrible hygiene habits and yes even confessed them in an interview with extra. He doesn’t see the point of washing his hair and it’s even gone as long as six weeks of not touching his shampoo. Not only does he not washing hair but he also doesn’t clean his apartment because he doesn’t see the point. According to some workers in the film industry, while Rob is nice he’s hard to work with because he smells so bad.



Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper is one of the most well-known television personalities but he also has some dirty laundry too air. In 2012, on an episode of the show Anderson Live, he admitted to what not to wear stars Stacy London that he wears the same pair of jeans every day and only washes them about four times a year. Then, when Anderson does washes jeans, he wears them in the shower and cover some with soap and let them air-dry afterward. Needless to say London was horrified and told Andersen to wash his jeans and coldwater with no soap and let them air dry and to wash them more often.





Matthew McConaughey
In 2009, Matthew McConaughey revealed to People Magazine that he hasn’t worn deodorant or cologne in  years, nor does he plan to. Rumor has it the back in while filming Fool’s Gold co-star Kate Hudson was absolutely disgusted by McConaughey’s hygiene habit and begged him to wear deodorant for their scene. She even offered up her salt rock which is a natural deodorant asking, would you please put this on? But the actor graciously declined stating that he didn’t want to smell like anything else but himself.



Johnny Depp
Perhaps Johnny Depp performed the role of Jack Sparrow’s so well because he had something in common with his character. Depp reportedly has some of the worst hygiene habits in the industry, and will sometimes go weeks without bathing or changing his clothes. When he was married to Vanessa Paradis, she apparently shared the same habits which makes sense why the relationship lasted for so long.





Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz’s hygiene has been in a constant state of question due to the fact that she’s often photographed on the red carpet with pit stains. According to Diaz, she also has not worn deodorant or antiperspirant for 20 years, stating that it’s unnatural for your body. As an alternate, she recommended trimming armpit hair so the stink isn’t sticking around. Notice the word trimming and not shaving? Diaz also believe that armpit hair and pubic hair shouldn’t be shaved and left alone in general. Along with that, she has been known to wear the same outfit for days on end without washing it and then never wearing it again.