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Now being the light isn’t actually a real thing but rather a surface modification or map you’re essentially generating an image blurring it and then using it as a transparency map in this respect smoke and fire are almost the same send just like electricity or most elemental. Affect these can all be other images projected on polygon or particle system fog. Nowadays is typically a particle system meaning we’re frogs used to be a trick to cover up the fact that it couldn’t render more thought.


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Now requires more to render that’s very interesting where we are actually now probably the easiest way to do stuff as opposed to using particle systems for everything is just the projected animation on the polygon it does take more from your CPU or GPU when you do that but a particle system is like a bunch of those to put it in the simplest way I can.


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The reason why all of these things take more to render than the rest of your game than a wall or character or something solid that maybe has one texture that never changes on it. Is it greatly multiply the amount of work necessary when you need something to be even slightly transparent if you need to have many shades of transparency it multiplies it even more if what is transparent and what isn’t depends on what objects are between a light and the floor well even more so in fact on any one of these specific effects we could probably make another six seven minute video just explaining exactly what they do to make. It look that specific way another thing somebody has to say is that it’s art every single person does. It slightly differently and when somebody makes a brand-new version of fire that looks better than all other fires that’s because that person had some sort of insight as to how fire really works and was able to translate it into a virtual world better than anybody else has so far oftentimes that means writing a new procedure that handles something a different way.

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Now it’s always going to be bound to these rules these transparency rules these polygons oriented rules but it’s constantly changing because the requirement is that we need to get more and more out of the visuals of a game. Everything has to look more real for people to accept it because even though we have not gotten through the uncanny valley just yet maybe we never will I don’t know people still expected to at least get better so it is a priority and the short answer to why it takes more so very very short answer is because the GPUs doing a whole lot more it is a lot more routine a lot more things being asked of the GPU and a lot more answers having to come back when you start talking about doing that on a per pixel level I mean that’s a lot I realize that may have made it seem more confusing with the process itself is not a simple ones making these things is not easy but I think you probably have at least a basic idea as to what makes these things complex transparency and physics simulations just require more things to be done more math to be solved. Check out the best of pc games, ps4, xbox one and mobile games. Visit pokemon duel cheats iphone.

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