Hot Incoming Xbox One Games of 2017

The top xbox games of 2017 these are the most anticipated games that we’re looking forward to. These are games that you should probably care about in 2017 starting off another South Park Fractured but Whole. The Fractured but  Whole which I will never get tired of saying takes place after the events of the stick of truth and this time everyone’s had a huge falling-out over the plan movie franchise plans and this separates all the characters into two groups and there’s a start of a superhero civil war between these two groups will once again play the new kid and you get to choose from 12 different classes while customizing your hero.

The gameplay here seems like a blast and seeing that the game is being written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone the creators of South Park I’m sure there’s gonna be a ton of really funny and memorable moments. I mean just the title alone makes me feel like I can I just love saying that the Fractured but Whole. I just can’t wait to see this game on store shelves.






Cuphead is a running gun platform game with a player will have to fight a series of bosses to repay their debt to the devil. The game’s art style is obviously what stands out here is heavily inspired by classic cartoons the nineteen-thirties. There’s going to be a heavy emphasis on the retro games have difficulty from older games and allow the characters and backgrounds here actually hand drawn and painted a lot of work is going into the development of this game and this was an ounce of Microsoft’s E3 press conference back in 2014. So hopefully this long wait actually pays off.





We have Halo Wars 2 we’re finally getting a sequel to Halo Wars is here and it looks like more of the same which isn’t bad at All. It takes place after Halo 5 and has a 13 mission single-player campaign where you play as out of the UNSC or the banished which is a new alien faction replacing the Covenant it also features multiple multiplayer modes. One of them being the card base blitz mode everything about this game just seems great and it’s shaping up to be a worthy sequel of the very underrated first game up natural.




Resident Evil finally makes it  along the way to return to the survival horror style of gameplay that’s known for what I do enjoy the third person shooter gameplay and four and five at least thought the Resident Evils best moments came from it earlier game we’re with a lot less action oriented. You play as Ethan Winters who search for his missing wife leaves him to run down plantation mansion with a baker family resides. You spend your time fighting off and running from the Baker family solving puzzles and exploring the mansion and its grounds. The game does playing first-person which the first one of the games in the main series. The team doesn’t have a huge influence on combat the last three games in the series and it really just focus more on the survival horror aspects of Resident Evil game also isn’t a reboot and will somehow time to the lure of the rental universe and I can’t wait to figure out how it does it up.

Sea of Thieves this is essentially a pirate simulator where you get to create your own pirate and you can team up with other friends and other pirates to search for buried treasure and take part in nautical battles. You’re constantly working towards finding treasure and loot to help build up your pirate and your ship and the whole point of the game is just become a better pirate the customization. In the scheme really does seem like a black just with your ship alone you have different classes colors material figureheads and sales and while it does come off as a light-hearted fun game. There’s still some danger to look out for a stronger player is able to come through and completely wipe out you and your crew when steal all of your stuff but thankfully if you are able to get back to your stuff before that player or another player grabs it you are able to reclaim it seems like you’re the hole open world at your disposal to the options are limitless you can really do whatever the hell you want. Whenever you want to and you can do it how you want to the coop in this game also seems like a blast an entire ship with every single player having their own job just seems like a ton of fun and if you played Assassin’s Creed Black Flag.  You know how cool it is to be a pirate you know cool and epic ship battles can be in a bad game taught me one thing it’s that a pirate’s life is the life for me that is a horrible joke and I’m going to keep it moving.

Unannounced Forza Game we don’t have any info at all on it yet seen that four times on an every other year cycle with the horizon series and seeing that last year we got Forza Horizon 3 we should be getting Foriza 7 this year if it’s even titled Forza 7says the biggest reason series currently on Xbox there used to be a bunch more but this one has really stood the test of time and how good well polished.  You can probably expect more cars and prettier graphics but for now I have to sit and wait and see what the developers have a store for us.

State of Decay 2. The first State of Decay game was great I loved it at a time wears on the games were really flooding the market that was one of the few that really stood out there was a lot of fun and was something that I went back to a lot and while I think that in 2017 we really don’t need any zombie games. State of Decay 2 is one that I will welcome with open arms. You don’t just play as one person you play as an entire community with each survivor having their own unique skills and own unique treats and the big myths from the first game is finally making its way into the sequel and that’s multiplayer and the scheme you’re going to have four player co-op which was a big miss for the first game and just that alone has me super excited to get my hands on this one.

We have Mass Effect Andromeda the next Mass Effect game is finally coming and it’s also coming a lot sooner than I expected you play as one of the two rider twins and you set off on a 600 year journey to the Andromeda galaxy to find new planets for you to colonize. Now they’re still isn’t too much to know about this game but everything that we do know sounds great at least I think so and even though we’re kind of still in the dark with this game it seems that you’ll still have what makes Mass Effect so great exploring different planets building romantic and non-romantic relationships and choosing what moral path you want to take. I just can’t wait to get my hands on another matter that game I had a ton of fun with the first three and I’m sure this one will be no different. In addition you may as well check out this new mobile game like Warfriends

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