Clash Royale Basics

Supercell is known for creating a real time strategy game from Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and now Clash Royale is here to give us mind game, to challenge online player in a duel. You may see this game very simple yet when you play; this is not very easy to manage. You need strategy and preparation and great understand about the characters and how they function.


Clash Royale may not an original kind of mobile game but it has plenty of mixture in it from tower games and deck cards battle. Anyway you will love this game because it has the concept of the popular Hearthstone or Magic. As I’ve said it has a tower defense concept since your cards can summon units, spells and construction which help you defeat your enemy’s tower or castles.


Although from the starts it may seem very complex but as you learn to follow the tutorial levels in the beginning of the game, you will understand easily the mechanics of the game. As they say, experience is the best teacher. Now for the beginners who want to know secrets about the game and to excel during every battle we bring few things that you should know.


First and foremost your goal is to target the middle tower. If you destroy it then you always be the winner. When playing Clash Royale you need to focus only the main objective of the game for a sure win. Although you cannot control your troops where they want to attack, it is best to deploy them in one side, choose left or right. Normally troops that are deployed in both sides will choose the tower in a particular side then later the middle one. So it is best to choose one side so that after they destroy the tower in a specific side they may directly go to the middle of the tower.


While your main objective is to destroy the main or middle tower of the enemy it is best defend as well your castle. This is because you have the same objective with your enemy. If he destroy your castle first, then you loss the match. While they say the best defense is offense, you should not neglect defense because there is advantage when you destroy the left and right tower of the enemy. There is a bonus time in order for you to destroy the middle tower. Same also with your enemy.


Having a clear understanding on strong deck is very helpful in case of facing a strong enemy. After all you need all the advantage of your troops to help you on offense and defense. You should know by now that every character in Clash Royale has a corresponding strength and weakness from foot soldiers, short and long range units and air troops. Understand the mechanics of their strength and weakness so that you may know how to use them in an ideal usage.

You need also to understand about the Elixir and what are needed for a specific defense and offense. There are various types of Elixir for you to learn just to defend and attack. As long as you know the combination of Elixir and the troops both defense and offense you will have the advantage of the game. Make sure you collect only very useful cards that can withstand strong enemy forces. Of course those who have invest real money to buy gems will have a great chance to acquire effective troops and Elixir, nonetheless it is best to stick to the basics and learn them and you will not be left behind in the game.


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