Game of Thrones: An Unpredictable Plot

If you’re looking for a TV series that is going to give you an emotional feeling of that of a roller coaster ride, watch Game of Thrones. A fantasy drama set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos with basically three plots and a large ensemble cast, Game of Thrones is an adaptation of G. R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, which revolves around the conflicts of who is going to sit on the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms while the true heir of the throne is in current exile but is time plotting its return to take back the throne. Conflicts and webs of alliances are forged within Westeros among the dynastic noble families either vying to also claim the throne or fighting for independence from the throne. On the other hand, a longstanding brotherhood known as the Night’s Watch, sworn to protect the realm with their lives against ancient threats that lie far north which many people believe to be just a myth, are stationed on the wall.

The series started off with men from the Night’s Watch got saison 7 streaming who encountered the believed-to-be nonexistent white walkers, or dead men while patrolling outside the wall. Most of the men died except for one who went back inside the wall and deserted his duty from the Night’s Watch out of fear. A night’s watch should live and die at his post, and since he was a deserter of the post, he was also believed out of his mind when he spoke about the white walkers, he was beheaded by no other than Eddard Stark himself, the Lord of Winterfell.

The game started when the Mad King, Aerys Targaryen, died and was replaced by Robert Baratheon who then became king of the seven kingdoms. He married the only daughter of the Lord of Casterly Rock, Cersei Lannister. Later on, with a plot to rule the seven kingdoms, the Lannisters overthrew the reigning king by murdering Robert in an accidental form (hunting wound). Cersei became queen regent, guiding Joffrey (Cersei’s incestuous son to her brother, Jaime Lannister), who was to be king as the king’s first born. Eddard Stark, king Robert’s hand, had known the truth and was about to expose it when he was accused of treason by Joffrey and then was executed in public.

Aerys Targaryen’s only daughter, Daenerys Targaryen who lives in exile in Essos married Khal Drogo, a warrior of a vast tribe of horsemen in Essos to help her get back to Westeros and take back the throne. Her journey took a turning point when Khal Drogo died and she went into the fire with her three dragon eggs and emerged after the fire died out, unharmed, now with three baby dragons. This proved that she was a true-blooded Targaryen. She started conquering nations and put an end to slavery in Slaver’s Bay with the help of the Unsullied she acquired from Astapor. She is going to bring the Unsullied to Westeros to help her take back the throne.

Jon Snow, Eddard’s bastard son joined the Night’s Watch and won the Lord Commander’s fondness and liking. He gave him his sword and when the Lord Commander died, Jon Snow became Lord Commander. He was the first Lord Commander who made friends and allies with the Free Folks outside the wall. The free folks are enemies of the seven kingdoms. Free folks or wildlings recognize no inherent political authority. Jon Snow’s association with the wildlings caused a serious commotion in the wall which resulted to him murdered by most members of the Night’s Watch because they believed that he betrayed their cause. Jon Snow was brought back to life by the red priestess, Melisandre.

The characters of the series were handpicked and they played their roles really well. The reactions from fans are proof enough that casting was done very scrupulously. It is said that during the third season, 257 cast names were recorded. More were added as the series progresses and there were even celebrity cameo appearances from Coldplay to George W. Bush’s head, to Ed Sheeran himself in season 7. Game of thrones has gotten mixed reactions from fans because of these cameos but a solid adoration of the main character’s casting that the actors themselves are already associated with their roles in the series.

Paypal – Easy and Quick Online Process

One of the world’s online payment processor is the paypal. Paypal can make it easier for any individual to transfer money to their own bank account or any kind of online transaction. Some would say that it is not safe to use paypal and for it is way safer than any type of online transaction however, paypal is the easiest and quickest way for all money for payment or transferring money from one account to another.

I’ve been using paypal for a long time so far I have not encounter any major problem from them however there are times that their system gets crazy sometimes, well; you know you cannot avoid any of these problems. Even if I encounter such problems but never did I experience any trouble like someone stole money from my paypal account and that would be enough for me to say that they are safe however there are moments that I found it irritating and frustrating because of the delayed transaction. There was this one time that I need my money to transfer to my account from paypal but it took long enough for them to transfer my money and been trying to contact paypal and yes they response to my concern right away which is a good thing but their reasons seems invalid to me but I have no choice but to wait and will keep on complaining because you don’t have control over the situation but by far it is quite reliable.

Any type of online banking is somewhat risky because of many hackers nowadays and paypal is not exempted to any of that. One tip for new member of paypal or anyone who have plans to register, you need to have a unique username and even password. As much as possible make your password long enough that you can memorize but make sure it is not that easy to get hacked. Everything in the internet nowadays can easily be accessed by online hackers especially to those people who are very good when it comes to computer accessing. Paypal on the other hand, I believed they have a tight and firm security system that hinders any robbers in getting in. It is really good to use paypal when it comes to online transactions.

There are some people who are reluctant to use paypal because they are afraid that they will be stolen. For the one who is reading this, I would suggest that you should try paypal. I can guarantee you that it is completely safe. Just make sure that you don’t share your account to any people to avoid future problems. You will experience the easiest and fast processing of paypal money adder online now.

Design Fails In Our Daily Objects

You know what really grinds our gears? Everyday items that have continued to have noticeable design flaws, yet they never get fixed. You know, like the fact that many fridges are meant to store temperature, sensitive things on the door, even though that area gets the warmest air or the unbound type of noodles which threatens to burn us all.




Cup Holders
If you’re a parent or a person who spends a lot of time in the car, then you know the  horrors that await you when it comes time to clean the cup holders. Most vehicles have at least a few of them in many cases they are filled with crumbs and a sticky concoction of candy coffee or pop. You may be able to vacuum them out, but it’s nearly impossible to get them. Looking like they did when you first owned the car. The solution, why not make all vehicle cup holders removable so we can finally get out that mystery crust is bugged us for so many months.



Cereal Box Tops
There’s nothing like cracking into afresh box of cereal. The top is so flimsy or glue down so well that getting in means destroying the lid. In the end, your cereal looks like it’s been assaulted by a pack of rabid cereal loving ferret. Yes cereal boxes have been around for a long time, but all across the nation there are ripped or distorted lids attesting to the frustrating design we all face. Why is it so hard, they can make televisions that are millimeters thick but they can’t make a cardboard flap that opens and closes just right?



Phone SD Slots
Most smartphone owners are the same boat when it comes to adding extra storage. At first, the answer looks easy, just buy a micro SD card and insert it for greater storage. Then you find out you have to tear apart your phone to get at the spot to add the card. Since many people either can’t be bothered or really shouldn’t be taking any tool for their devices, this is just a bad design. What’s so hard about adding a tiny slot anywhere on the outside of the phone.




Toilet Stalls
Public bathrooms can be nasty or an uncomfortable affair. However, in many cases, those of you using the stall will notice is seemingly enormous gap between the door and the walls. You can see out and others can see right in while you’re sitting on your porcelain throne. We get the gap at the bottom is for cleaning and safety but why the massive gaps everywhere else.



The only food on this list, hotdogs are a favorite, especially during the summer months. However, anyone who has ever thrown a summer barbecue knows the frustration when it comes to the whole hotdog versus bun ratio. That is why do hotdogs come in packs of around 10 and buns can be bought in packs of 8? You’re either left with two extra hotdogs or if you buy a second pack of buns, you end up with stale bread because you have no hot dogs to use them with. Yes it’s a first-world problem, but it’s one which many people think has gone on long enough.



Paper Towel Dispensers
Many public bathrooms use some sort of air dryer, to dry off your hands. However there are still many that use the paper towel dispenser. Odds are you’ve used one of these and probably been left frustrated or fighting with machine just to get your hands dry. You likely know the scenario well. Grabbing for the sheet and you can only seem to rip off tiny and totally useless chunks of paper because attention is set too high or the exact opposite happens and you pull one sheet and 800 come falling out.



Norman Doors
Our brains are wired to understand doors a certain way. For instance, if it is a pad on it then we know to push. Handles? Not a problem. Those mean pull. That’s just the way it’s supposed to work. However, in too many locations we have doors dubbed Norman Doors. These go against all logic and requires to push when they are clearly set to pull or vice versa. Even signage doesn’t seem to help as people of smashing the doors all over the world because of confused designs.


You’ve got a big night set up. With a bunch of extra time, you’ve decided to do some serious gaming on your PC. Things are looking good, you advanced far along your quest when suddenly the screen revert to your desktop. What happened? Oh, that’s right, you hit the Windows key. You know, that keys situated for some unknown reason in between the left ctrl and alt to the most-used keys on the modern keyboard. Why Microsoft? Why? Just put the button at the top or off to the side the other barely used keys, please.




USB Slot
USB slots are great because they’re small and compatible with so many devices for today’s computers. Yet, computer makers can incorporate them in infuriating ways. Sure there’s the fact that they give you one or two at the front and stuff, the rest of the back that can be bad enough. But what about those laptops or PCs with the USB slots are also crammed together but you can’t actually use them all because your peripherals won’t connect? It’s like they think all USB connectors are super thin and share the same designs it happens and there is no excuse for it.



Screaming babies, interesting food, and turbulence. Flying on a plane can have its own challenges. Plane designers, despite improving almost every other aspect of flight continue to give us seating with inadequate armrest. You know what we’re talking about. For instance, three seats together have four armrest. If our math is correct, that’s short by two armrests. We understand it’s all about space but if we can get television bouncing in every seat, surely there’s some sort of fix for this continuing design flaw.

Famous Celebrities With Awful Personal Hygiene

When you’re rich and famous, you have unlimited resources for staying fresh and clean. However, the celebrities on this list to do the exact opposite. Here are famous people with a dirtiest habits.



Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is one of the loveliest actresses in Hollywood who appears to bathe on a regular basis. However, the problem isn’t how often she washes her body but instead the problem lies in her breath. Numerous Hollywood actors like Jason Bateman and Alec Baldwin have come forward and said that Aniston has awful breath that smells like old coffee, which indicates that she doesn’t brush her teeth as often as she should.




Leonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo Dicaprio looks like he should be smelling like the most expensive Cologne in the world. But in reality, he doesn’t smell that great according to ex girlfriend Erin Heatherton. Because Leo is so dedicated to his cause of living green and preserving the environment natural resources, he only bathe twice a week in an effort to conserve water and he doesn’t wear any sort of deodorant or antiperspirant. Leo also recycles on the regular basis but he often misses pickup days, which results in his place smelling like rotten garbage.




Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts is America’s sweetheart and have had one of the most successful careers in Hollywood. She is also known for her activism and using her fame and fortune to fight against the wrongs in this world, which is pretty admirable. However, according to a former bodyguard, in her venture to stay green and save water, Roberts doesn’t shower all that often. Roberts has also stated that she doesn’t use deodorant, nor did she shave. This has apparently resulted in her smelling like a hippie according to the bodyguard.
Zac Efron
Word on the streets say that Zac Efron absolutely loads bathing and opted to use baby wipes instead. But given the fact that Zac is one of the most active celebrities in the industry from working out to playing basketball, it’s guaranteed that he does his fair share of sweating. Frankly baby wipes don’t do the work that plain old soap and water can achieve.




Britney Spears
If Britney Spears’s hygiene was in question during her mental breakdown, that would have been understandable. But the pop singer is reported to have some pretty nasty habits that were revealed in a lawsuit by former bodyguard, Fernando Flores for sexual harassment. In a suit, Flores claimed that Spears would pick her nose, fart in front of people, didn’t brush her teeth or hair, didn’t shower for long periods of time, and didn’t wear deodorant. Spears ended up settling on the lawsuit, which makes us wonder how much of the hygiene claims were true.





Robert Pattinson
There is no rumor or question that Robert Pattinson has terrible hygiene habits and yes even confessed them in an interview with extra. He doesn’t see the point of washing his hair and it’s even gone as long as six weeks of not touching his shampoo. Not only does he not washing hair but he also doesn’t clean his apartment because he doesn’t see the point. According to some workers in the film industry, while Rob is nice he’s hard to work with because he smells so bad.



Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper is one of the most well-known television personalities but he also has some dirty laundry too air. In 2012, on an episode of the show Anderson Live, he admitted to what not to wear stars Stacy London that he wears the same pair of jeans every day and only washes them about four times a year. Then, when Anderson does washes jeans, he wears them in the shower and cover some with soap and let them air-dry afterward. Needless to say London was horrified and told Andersen to wash his jeans and coldwater with no soap and let them air dry and to wash them more often.





Matthew McConaughey
In 2009, Matthew McConaughey revealed to People Magazine that he hasn’t worn deodorant or cologne in  years, nor does he plan to. Rumor has it the back in while filming Fool’s Gold co-star Kate Hudson was absolutely disgusted by McConaughey’s hygiene habit and begged him to wear deodorant for their scene. She even offered up her salt rock which is a natural deodorant asking, would you please put this on? But the actor graciously declined stating that he didn’t want to smell like anything else but himself.



Johnny Depp
Perhaps Johnny Depp performed the role of Jack Sparrow’s so well because he had something in common with his character. Depp reportedly has some of the worst hygiene habits in the industry, and will sometimes go weeks without bathing or changing his clothes. When he was married to Vanessa Paradis, she apparently shared the same habits which makes sense why the relationship lasted for so long.





Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz’s hygiene has been in a constant state of question due to the fact that she’s often photographed on the red carpet with pit stains. According to Diaz, she also has not worn deodorant or antiperspirant for 20 years, stating that it’s unnatural for your body. As an alternate, she recommended trimming armpit hair so the stink isn’t sticking around. Notice the word trimming and not shaving? Diaz also believe that armpit hair and pubic hair shouldn’t be shaved and left alone in general. Along with that, she has been known to wear the same outfit for days on end without washing it and then never wearing it again.