The Most Disastrous Engineers in the World

Much of what we see in the world around us, required a certain level of engineering to design and build. In many instances, our engineering ability has produced some pretty spectacular things including dams, bridges, and stadiums. However, with success comes failure and there are more than a few terrible engineering flops to cover. From  skyscrapers that fall apart two bridges that can handle wind two ships that are waterproof. All of these files are pretty big and make the wonky train tracks look like a pretty easy fix.



Tacoma Washington Bridge
Odds are you’ve likely seen some of the incredible footage of Washington state’s Tacoma bridge before it plunged into the water in 1940. The bridge had been built to span the Tacoma narrows and was actually the third largest suspension bridge once opened .Yet, it had a big design flaw, with only two lanes, designers use relatively small girders we didn’t provide enough rigidity to the finished product. The result was that in high wind, the brief started swinging and twisting. In November 1940, the winds became too much in the poorly designed span collapsed.




The Boston Molasses Disaster
In 1919, molasses was an important part of the food and drink industry. In the dockyards of Boston, a giant holding tank was built to hold over  million gallons of the sticky liquid. Unfortunately, the tank was never tested and the design was prone two leaks. On January fifteenth, under the strains of its contents, the storage tank burst, releasing a tidal wave of molasses into Boston. Traveling at  kilometers an hour,  the 26 million pounds of molasses crushed everything in its path, bent steel girders and lifted homes off of their foundation. By the end, of the tank failure who left  dead and injured.


Ryugyong Hotel
In the North Korean capital of Pyongyang sits a massive imposing pyramid structure. It’s known as the Ryugyong hotel, but it’s never actually had any guests. That’s because the secret of country has never been able to finish this giant project for a variety of reasons. Perhaps most importantly, the Ryugyong is said to have various features, like elevator shafts, which weren’t engineered properly and therefore don’t really work. It’s such a terrible design from top to bottom that some people are left wondering if you will ever actually be opened.




City field
The United States is a long love affair with baseball. It’s part of the country’s history an important part of its identity. Because of this, you think they would have mastered the art of building a decent stadium. Take City Field for example. Costing  850 million dollars, it was supposed to be the great new home of the New York Mets. However, flooding, faulty plumbing and electrical, falling signs crumbling concrete and break downs in the elevators and hvac system made this place a real lemon.


Lotus Riverside Complex
In recent years, China has launched numerous ambitious building programs. However, lacks regulations and less than stellar build quality have meant some projects live up to the Made in China label. Take the Lotus River Side Complex for example. In 2009, a newly-built apartment building in the complex just fell over. It didn’t collapse but literally fell over on its side. The toppling was blamed on water which weekend the ground underneath. A sight which had many other owners in the complex asking for refunds.



The Walt Disney Concert Hall
Architect Frank Gehry is known for making some impressive designs. Downtown L.A.’s Walt Disney concert hall is one of them. The curving and twisting metal building is something to behold, unless you actually lived right near it. You see, the design of the hall and reflected a lot of sunlight and we mean a lot. Pedestrians and drivers said the building blinded them and nearby homeowners said the structure reflected a lot of sunlight which heated up their apartments. Not wanting to be known for building death rays, authorities moved to sandblast the structure and reduce the troubling glare.




The Hyatt Regency Walkway
The designers of the Hyatt Regency Kansas City hotel look to make their hotel stand out. How/ They added suspended walkways in the atrium which appeared as though you are floating in the air. Unfortunately, a design flaw I meant that the rods and beams meant to hold up two of the walkways were insufficient. Barely able to hold its own weight, the added weight of spectators during a dance in July 1981 was the tipping point. The collapse killed 114 and serves as a stark reminder of what can happen when engineers cut corners.

Chernobyl Nuclear Plant
In 1986, the nuclear plant at Chernobyl in the Soviet Union suffered a melt down and explosion. To this day, large areas around the plant for off-limits and devoid of life. In addition to human error, the reactor itself was to blame. Investigators found that the reactor design worsen the situation. Thanks to the fact that it was prone to instability. More precisely, the control rods responsible for moderating the reaction in the reactor or poorly designed actually caused an initial spike in power when inserted something which should not happen.




The John Hancock Tower
When a key feature of your 60story building is the massive amount of glass, you better hope you have the right window designs. The people who designed and built the John Hancock Tower in Boston didn’t do this. The results? While the building was under construction and had a nasty habit of popping off glass panels which smashed on the street below. Not the usual household windows, these were 500 pounds slabs. In fact, for four years, this happened until they discovered the window design was faulty. In the end, over 10,000 panes of glass had to be replaced and the project went wildly over budget.



The Titanic
We all know what happened to the famous Titanic but it didn’t have to. No, we’re not talking about the iceberg. Titanic should have survived that strike easily. Unfortunately, poor design and materials used led to the demise of the massive ship. You see researchers have concluded that the still used in the iron rivets were too brittle to handle the strain of impact. In addition, the compartments where the water rushed in should have been watertight, but they were designed intentionally to have a gap at the top. This allowed water to eventually flow into other compartments, doing the ship and Jack.

Disney Cartoons Kill The Cultural Tradition of Artist

Mickey Mouse made a mockery of the copyright this what you kept making up no judging. Oh man I wish I was yeah I’d be so credible and distinguished look I love Mickey Mouse too but the fact is he ruined America’s Copyright laws.



Okay I’m just a kid why should I care of about the law because that the thing that you don’t care about is keeping you from your favorite characters. Anything about I’m gonna make you for the magic of cartoons. Ever since his first appearance as Steamboat Willie kids have loved Mickey Mouse. All cartoons are mostly about bouncing and torturing animals. Back in the 20s our copyright system worked the way it was supposed to an artist to create a new work could claim the exclusive right to it for 6 years long enough to get healthy profit from pretty much their entire lifetime after that the work entered the public domain giving everyone the right to copy share and use the crew works in the room. Remixing the works of the past is an essential part of how we create new culture and the same process brought us so many of your favorite characters like Frankenstein, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Hercules, Pinocchio, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, Captain Nemo,Tarzan, King Arthur, Robin Hood, Moby Dick and many many more. All of them were created by artists long ago and are now in the public domain free for us to use to tell our own stories.

You can make to play soccer or find a spaceman. Whatever you want because these characters now belong to all of us. It’s a little something I like to call circle of life. So you’re saying that everything like touches will be mine, nope not anymore. In 1998 Mickey Mouse was about to enter the public domain to me to stop that from happening to other companies lobbied congress to extend the term of copyright by decades just so they could retain ownership of him and other characters. Now all those characters that would belong to us to them. This problem is far more serious than just cartoons. Meet James Boyle co-founder of the Center for Public Domain at Duke university because of these rules nothings enter into the public domain for years.



In fact no published work we’re going to the public in 2012 to 2019 books, songs, movies even scientific articles are stuck in legal limbo and those are just the ones we know about. Orphan works there under copyright but their original owners can’t be found it’s illegal to share them that they can’t share themselves so they’re trapped out here in intellectual property purgatory.

A great work of art or scientific breakthrough could be down there. Okay they’re not all winners but because of copyright extension will never know. That’s so sad they just wanna be a part of our world. That’s right until the last years. Every generation in American history has had free and legal access to the creativity the past they could learn from it. They could build on it now all that creativity is locked away and the true irony is that no one understood that better than Walt Disney. Dozens of Disney characters were taken directly from the public domain even the breakthrough Mickey cartoon Steamboat Willie is based on Buster Keaton movie from 1928. Disney cartoons are fun to watch but they’re made by a company that profits from our shared cultural heritage while refusing to contribute to it that really stinks.

Design Fails In Our Daily Objects

You know what really grinds our gears? Everyday items that have continued to have noticeable design flaws, yet they never get fixed. You know, like the fact that many fridges are meant to store temperature, sensitive things on the door, even though that area gets the warmest air or the unbound type of noodles which threatens to burn us all.




Cup Holders
If you’re a parent or a person who spends a lot of time in the car, then you know the  horrors that await you when it comes time to clean the cup holders. Most vehicles have at least a few of them in many cases they are filled with crumbs and a sticky concoction of candy coffee or pop. You may be able to vacuum them out, but it’s nearly impossible to get them. Looking like they did when you first owned the car. The solution, why not make all vehicle cup holders removable so we can finally get out that mystery crust is bugged us for so many months.



Cereal Box Tops
There’s nothing like cracking into afresh box of cereal. The top is so flimsy or glue down so well that getting in means destroying the lid. In the end, your cereal looks like it’s been assaulted by a pack of rabid cereal loving ferret. Yes cereal boxes have been around for a long time, but all across the nation there are ripped or distorted lids attesting to the frustrating design we all face. Why is it so hard, they can make televisions that are millimeters thick but they can’t make a cardboard flap that opens and closes just right?



Phone SD Slots
Most smartphone owners are the same boat when it comes to adding extra storage. At first, the answer looks easy, just buy a micro SD card and insert it for greater storage. Then you find out you have to tear apart your phone to get at the spot to add the card. Since many people either can’t be bothered or really shouldn’t be taking any tool for their devices, this is just a bad design. What’s so hard about adding a tiny slot anywhere on the outside of the phone.




Toilet Stalls
Public bathrooms can be nasty or an uncomfortable affair. However, in many cases, those of you using the stall will notice is seemingly enormous gap between the door and the walls. You can see out and others can see right in while you’re sitting on your porcelain throne. We get the gap at the bottom is for cleaning and safety but why the massive gaps everywhere else.



The only food on this list, hotdogs are a favorite, especially during the summer months. However, anyone who has ever thrown a summer barbecue knows the frustration when it comes to the whole hotdog versus bun ratio. That is why do hotdogs come in packs of around 10 and buns can be bought in packs of 8? You’re either left with two extra hotdogs or if you buy a second pack of buns, you end up with stale bread because you have no hot dogs to use them with. Yes it’s a first-world problem, but it’s one which many people think has gone on long enough.



Paper Towel Dispensers
Many public bathrooms use some sort of air dryer, to dry off your hands. However there are still many that use the paper towel dispenser. Odds are you’ve used one of these and probably been left frustrated or fighting with machine just to get your hands dry. You likely know the scenario well. Grabbing for the sheet and you can only seem to rip off tiny and totally useless chunks of paper because attention is set too high or the exact opposite happens and you pull one sheet and 800 come falling out.



Norman Doors
Our brains are wired to understand doors a certain way. For instance, if it is a pad on it then we know to push. Handles? Not a problem. Those mean pull. That’s just the way it’s supposed to work. However, in too many locations we have doors dubbed Norman Doors. These go against all logic and requires to push when they are clearly set to pull or vice versa. Even signage doesn’t seem to help as people of smashing the doors all over the world because of confused designs.


You’ve got a big night set up. With a bunch of extra time, you’ve decided to do some serious gaming on your PC. Things are looking good, you advanced far along your quest when suddenly the screen revert to your desktop. What happened? Oh, that’s right, you hit the Windows key. You know, that keys situated for some unknown reason in between the left ctrl and alt to the most-used keys on the modern keyboard. Why Microsoft? Why? Just put the button at the top or off to the side the other barely used keys, please.




USB Slot
USB slots are great because they’re small and compatible with so many devices for today’s computers. Yet, computer makers can incorporate them in infuriating ways. Sure there’s the fact that they give you one or two at the front and stuff, the rest of the back that can be bad enough. But what about those laptops or PCs with the USB slots are also crammed together but you can’t actually use them all because your peripherals won’t connect? It’s like they think all USB connectors are super thin and share the same designs it happens and there is no excuse for it.



Screaming babies, interesting food, and turbulence. Flying on a plane can have its own challenges. Plane designers, despite improving almost every other aspect of flight continue to give us seating with inadequate armrest. You know what we’re talking about. For instance, three seats together have four armrest. If our math is correct, that’s short by two armrests. We understand it’s all about space but if we can get television bouncing in every seat, surely there’s some sort of fix for this continuing design flaw.

Summer Camp Is Not Ideal For All Kids

Summer vacation is the worst time of  the year. First of all you isn’t a real here and secondly summer vacation is a blight on our educational system.  You have to learn that summer break is terrible for kids: Are you going to convince me about summer vacation is not good and two my vacation. You’re a kid learning is your entire job.

So why your school stop learning for three whole months. Some dad tells their kid the reason there is summer vacation some kids going to farm this summer. Well this is just a bunch of crap. The agrarian calendar explanation is a total myth the real reason schools close in the summer is because of the heat. A hundred years ago we didn’t have air conditioning. During the summer classrooms will become so unbearably hot that rich people pull their kids out of school for months taking them to the countryside.  Only reason we go quickly summer vacation because we’re crazy. Summer vacation is actually making you dumber.  Kids lose an average of one month of instruction every summer educators call it the Summer Slide. It’s easy to forget what you learned when you spend three whole months doing nothing but watching TV.

Sweet summer camp is great but it’s also too expensive for many families.  Summer break is especially hard on the poorest kids because school provides them with lunches they can get at home however many kids have trouble accessing summer lunch programs how many you ask. Six out seven kids are not able to access summer lunch programs.



Tony Brown he runs part of L. A and after school he have a small program here in Los Angeles. It’s true some of the real problem for the kids I work with. Summer slide is so bad for the low-income kids that we work with every day. Our kids living really unsafe neighborhoods so will be seeing inside  then in front of the television all summer long. We provide free summer programs and academics arts and athletics so the kids can be safe on the streets away from gangs. We’re doing all we can but unfortunately there are still millions:of kids who have nowhere to go during the summer. Speaking of which we’ve got to get back to work.

In other countries like Japan and England students get multiple short breaks throughout the year but in our system we just wash our hands of the:neediest kids for three whole months and that means summer vacation hurts kids just like you.

Scariest Video Games Of All Time



Resident Evil
It’s worth remembering, the original model for many of today’s first person shooter apocalyptic horror games, Capcom’s iconic Resident Evil which has now spawned over  games and fix big screen adaptations. The 1996 game that started at all, instilled a feeling of dread within gamers that everything was out to get them. Forget the brain hungry zombies, you could find yourself potentially under attack from a bloodthirsty flock of crows or a group of wild Dobermans, made all the more scary by the players limitations.



Sweden’s frictional games has developed a reputation for producing a slew of thoughtful avant-garde survival horror games that distinguish themselves from the pack and last year soma is no exception. The game has you’re navigating through a creepy abandoned underwater research facility, encountering different machines that slowly begin to take on human characteristics.



Five Nights at Freddy’s
You’ll never think of chucky cheese the same way again after playing this 2015 indie hit. A few game promises are as creepy as the thought of being on nightwatch at a pizzeria when the animatronic creatures that were so fun and lovable during the day, begin to malfunction and come to life after dark. As night guard Mike Schmidt, is up to you to survive the presence of, among others, a once-cute singing teddy bear and guitar playing bunny, for five harrowing nights, or levels of increased difficulty.



Slender: The Eight Pages
It was only a matter of time before the horrifying internet driven legend of the faceless child deducting slender man would find its way into gaming culture. Sure enough, in 2012,  Parsec productions released their survival horror game, Slender: The Eight Pages. As the player tries to collect the titular eight pages, they feel the ominous presence of the Slender man growing closer. The dark foggy setting reduces visibility while the slender man’s ability to teleport ensures that you never feel entirely free from his grasp.




Until Dawn
Fear exists in the eye of the beholder. And super massive games 2015 release of Until Dawn certainly toys with this concept. This game is uniquely tailored to your own fears beginning with a series of questions about your specific horror preferences that influence the games evolution and the type of threats you encounter along the way. So Until Dawn can strike a deeply personal chord. These customizable choices continue throughout the game, helping players orchestrate their own terror.



Much of FEAR which stands for First Encounter Assault Recon, carries the feel of your typical first person shooter. The gamer plays a Special Ops soldier bearing massive assault rifles ready to take out anyone or anything in his path. That is, before he meets Alma Wade. One of the creepiest characters in modern gaming, Alma is a ghoulish demonic little girl who renders the soldiers artillery useless amidst her cell and spine-tingling presence.



Manhunt derives fear from humanity’s innate thirst for violence. As death row inmate James Earl Cash, the gamer plays a character that has been kidnapped by a snuff film creator and forced to fight a series of gang members increasingly gruesome sadistic fashion. The game was banned in several countries due to its graphic violence.


There are a few environments more guaranteed to scare than a remotely located insane asylum which just happens to be the setting a first person survival horror game, Outlast. Even worse than a spooky surroundings is the utter powerlessness of playing a journalist armed with just a camcorder and notebook, who can’t fight back against an army of crazed inmates who have been subjected to disturbing experiments.




Alien Isolation
The gameplay of Alien Isolation reaches a new level of visceral realism bringing authenticity to both the loneliness and anxious hopes of survival experience by Amanda Ripley, the daughter of original alien protagonist Ellen Ripley. As Amanda, you are pursued an uncharted space by single alien creature that can track you by sight and sound and cannot be killed. You can use a flashlight or motion tracker but both tools leave you vulnerable to being found by the alien.





Silent Hill 2
In this game, protagonist James Sunderland ventures into the creepy town of Silent Hill, upon finding a mysterious letter from his dead wife. From there, he needs a collection of characters with suspicious motives including a woman named Maria who looks identical to his deceased wife. There is an air of discomforting uncertainty that looms over the game leaving James unsure of what to believe and who to trust. If that isn’t enough there is a sudden and daunting appearance of the villainous pyramid head and some truly spooky twists and turns along the way.

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Famous Celebrities With Awful Personal Hygiene

When you’re rich and famous, you have unlimited resources for staying fresh and clean. However, the celebrities on this list to do the exact opposite. Here are famous people with a dirtiest habits.



Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is one of the loveliest actresses in Hollywood who appears to bathe on a regular basis. However, the problem isn’t how often she washes her body but instead the problem lies in her breath. Numerous Hollywood actors like Jason Bateman and Alec Baldwin have come forward and said that Aniston has awful breath that smells like old coffee, which indicates that she doesn’t brush her teeth as often as she should.




Leonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo Dicaprio looks like he should be smelling like the most expensive Cologne in the world. But in reality, he doesn’t smell that great according to ex girlfriend Erin Heatherton. Because Leo is so dedicated to his cause of living green and preserving the environment natural resources, he only bathe twice a week in an effort to conserve water and he doesn’t wear any sort of deodorant or antiperspirant. Leo also recycles on the regular basis but he often misses pickup days, which results in his place smelling like rotten garbage.




Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts is America’s sweetheart and have had one of the most successful careers in Hollywood. She is also known for her activism and using her fame and fortune to fight against the wrongs in this world, which is pretty admirable. However, according to a former bodyguard, in her venture to stay green and save water, Roberts doesn’t shower all that often. Roberts has also stated that she doesn’t use deodorant, nor did she shave. This has apparently resulted in her smelling like a hippie according to the bodyguard.
Zac Efron
Word on the streets say that Zac Efron absolutely loads bathing and opted to use baby wipes instead. But given the fact that Zac is one of the most active celebrities in the industry from working out to playing basketball, it’s guaranteed that he does his fair share of sweating. Frankly baby wipes don’t do the work that plain old soap and water can achieve.




Britney Spears
If Britney Spears’s hygiene was in question during her mental breakdown, that would have been understandable. But the pop singer is reported to have some pretty nasty habits that were revealed in a lawsuit by former bodyguard, Fernando Flores for sexual harassment. In a suit, Flores claimed that Spears would pick her nose, fart in front of people, didn’t brush her teeth or hair, didn’t shower for long periods of time, and didn’t wear deodorant. Spears ended up settling on the lawsuit, which makes us wonder how much of the hygiene claims were true.





Robert Pattinson
There is no rumor or question that Robert Pattinson has terrible hygiene habits and yes even confessed them in an interview with extra. He doesn’t see the point of washing his hair and it’s even gone as long as six weeks of not touching his shampoo. Not only does he not washing hair but he also doesn’t clean his apartment because he doesn’t see the point. According to some workers in the film industry, while Rob is nice he’s hard to work with because he smells so bad.



Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper is one of the most well-known television personalities but he also has some dirty laundry too air. In 2012, on an episode of the show Anderson Live, he admitted to what not to wear stars Stacy London that he wears the same pair of jeans every day and only washes them about four times a year. Then, when Anderson does washes jeans, he wears them in the shower and cover some with soap and let them air-dry afterward. Needless to say London was horrified and told Andersen to wash his jeans and coldwater with no soap and let them air dry and to wash them more often.





Matthew McConaughey
In 2009, Matthew McConaughey revealed to People Magazine that he hasn’t worn deodorant or cologne in  years, nor does he plan to. Rumor has it the back in while filming Fool’s Gold co-star Kate Hudson was absolutely disgusted by McConaughey’s hygiene habit and begged him to wear deodorant for their scene. She even offered up her salt rock which is a natural deodorant asking, would you please put this on? But the actor graciously declined stating that he didn’t want to smell like anything else but himself.



Johnny Depp
Perhaps Johnny Depp performed the role of Jack Sparrow’s so well because he had something in common with his character. Depp reportedly has some of the worst hygiene habits in the industry, and will sometimes go weeks without bathing or changing his clothes. When he was married to Vanessa Paradis, she apparently shared the same habits which makes sense why the relationship lasted for so long.





Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz’s hygiene has been in a constant state of question due to the fact that she’s often photographed on the red carpet with pit stains. According to Diaz, she also has not worn deodorant or antiperspirant for 20 years, stating that it’s unnatural for your body. As an alternate, she recommended trimming armpit hair so the stink isn’t sticking around. Notice the word trimming and not shaving? Diaz also believe that armpit hair and pubic hair shouldn’t be shaved and left alone in general. Along with that, she has been known to wear the same outfit for days on end without washing it and then never wearing it again.